Change Management is based on research and best practices from change practitioners and change experts.

Here we collect useful insights coming from our experience in the Big Themes and Change Diaries, and learning opportunities and tools in our Webinars and downloads, as a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your studies.

Big Themes

Some of the questions we encounter among clients and peers, answered with long-reads were we try to provide data and previous experiences to better understand Change Management and all the related topics.

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The Change Diaries

Stories of change as told by our team and our network of partners, with first-hand experiences and insights from all over the world.

  • AI in Change Management: Early Findings, Challenges, and Opportunities

    It’s early 2024 and we’re just beginning to understand the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the practice of organizational change management. Let’s dive into Prosci’s research to understand its impacts on our discipline, including the extent to which change leaders are using AI tools in change management, how they’re using them, and the early benefits they’re reaping.

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  • Navigating change in a compliance-driven culture: Underestimating passive resistance

    Organisations navigate a highly regulated legal landscape within the public sector. This terrain is defined by a sprawling array of laws, rules, and regulations, necessitating a significant allocation of resources and efforts towards strict adherence. This sustained emphasis on compliance gradually permeates the organisational ethos, shaping both decision-making processes and behavioural norms. As a result, […]

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  • Enterprise Change Management

    The discipline of change management has emerged and evolved over the past decades, and what was once an ad hoc, after-the-fact approach occasionally accompanied by a communications plan or training plan has been replaced by holistic, structured processes with complete toolsets for addressing change management at the individual and organizational level. The result of improved change management has been greater success at delivering objectives on time and on budget.

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  • Coaching Your Sponsor for Project Success

    I have worked across an array of complex projects during my time as a Change Management Practitioner, and I can honestly state that many of my project successes can be accredited to my having an engaged and visible sponsor. Sponsors are critically important in driving success in organisational change initiatives. This statement is backed up […]

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  • Driving Mergers: The Power of Prioritized Change Management

    In the dynamic business landscape, mergers and acquisitions have become commonplace strategies for growth and market expansion. However, these transformative initiatives often come with complex challenges, particularly when it comes to managing the human element of change.

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Case studies

Our experiences across different industries, from Mining to Financial services, with all the challenges we have tackled and the results we have achieved.

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Meet change practitioners and experts like you who work everyday to shape the discipline of Change Management, learn from their experiences and understand how to deal with common and (sometimes) uncommon issues.

  • Integrating Project Management and Change Management

    The PCT Model vividly illustrates the crucial interplay between project management and change management. In this engaging webinar, we will delve further into the significance of these interdependent disciplines, united by a shared goal – change success. Allison dives in to this often overlooked but critical topic. Level: Intermediate or advanced Who should watch: Change practitioners of […]

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  • Advanced Applications of ADKAR

    In this interactive webinar, we will dive deeper into the powerful Prosci ADKAR Model® and how it can be used to prepare, equip and support individuals through change to achieve organizational results. We will explore advanced applications of ADKAR—as project milestones, to activate key roles, to equip people managers and senior leaders, and as a […]

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  • Reframing Resistance

    Resistance is the most common hurdle change practitioners face, and yet we also say it is a gift, as it unearths the underlying reasons for stuck changes. This interactive webinar explores the way we can reframe resistance and make our changes successful.

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  • How to Standup CMO

    Building the best CMO for your organisation requires consideration for how it can fit holistically within your structure to accomplish your enterprise change management goals. In this webinar delivered by the Prosci team will help you find the answer to building your optimal CMO.

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  • Bringing Structure and Intent to ECM

    Building Enterprise Change Management (ECM) requires a structured approach driven with intent. Find out how in this webinar recording with Tom. Level: Intermediate to Advanced Who should attend: Enterprise change management leaders, change practitioners eager for a unified organisational change management approach, process improvement experts, business leaders responsible for centers of change, and anyone interested in […]

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Some useful resources and tools to enhance your study and to build your own Change Management library with research-based materials.

  • Success Story: Financial Firm Embraces Digital and Cultural Transformation

    SURA Asset Management is a Latin American subsidiary of Grupo SURA, a financial services leader looking to transform their organisation through actively managing change.

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  • Success Story: Global Manufacturing Embeds Change Management

    A global manufacturing company recognises that the long term goals are contingent on a proactive focus on the people side of change.

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  • Change Management Practitioner Career Guide

    When organisations make big changes—like acquiring other businesses, implementing technologies, and streamlining processes—they also need to help employees engage with, adopt and use the changes. Otherwise, the organisation risks losing their sizable investments. After all, what good is the latest technology if no one uses it?

    Change management practitioners address these needs and enjoy rewarding careers with upward mobility.

    Ready to explore your options?

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  • The Change Management Starter Bundle

    Did you know that projects with effective change management are six times more likely to meet or exceed desired outcomes?

    Organizations are facing bigger, faster, more complex changes than ever before. But knowing how and where to start managing change can be tricky. Whether you’re part of a change team or you just want to understand best practices, you can get started in change management with free resources from Prosci.

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  • A Change Management Office Primer

    One of the steps taken to build Change Capability is the creation of a structure to support change management in the organization, usually in the form of a Change Management Office (CMO), Center of Excellence (CoE), Community of Practice (CoP) or some other entity dedicated to change management.

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