Change Management is based on research and best practices from change practitioners and change experts.

Here we collect useful insights coming from our experience in the Big Themes and Change Diaries, and learning opportunities and tools in our Webinars and downloads, as a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your studies.

Big Themes

Some of the questions we encounter among clients and peers, answered with long-reads were we try to provide data and previous experiences to better understand Change Management and all the related topics.

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The Change Diaries

Stories of change as told by our team and our network of partners, with first-hand experiences and insights from all over the world.

  • Navigating the Green Transition: South Africa’s Balancing Act Amid the Energy Crisis

    South Africa stands at a critical juncture in its journey towards sustainability, navigating the complexities of an ongoing energy crisis while committing to ambitious green targets. How can the country manage these complex changes all at once?

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  • Change Management for Sustainability

    Sustainability has transitioned from a “nice-to-have” to a critical business imperative. Senior leaders are increasingly tasked by shareholders and other stakeholders with developing and implementing a sustainability strategy, which requires integrating sustainable practices into the fabric of their organizations. To be successful, leaders must approach these changes strategically and at the enterprise level.

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  • Watch our 2024 Webinar Series!

    Dive into a world of transformation with our groundbreaking webinar series! Whether you’re a newbie craving fundamental insights or a seasoned pro hungry for cutting-edge strategies, we’ve got you covered. Brace yourself for an electrifying journey filled with game-changing insights, interactive sessions, and unbeatable expertise. 3 Fundamental Skills to Have in Your Change Toolkit Discover […]

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  • The role of culture in organizational Change Management

    A culture-led approach to change can increase the speed and success of any change effort. Culture in organizational Change Management is a great supporter for your strategies.

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  • ADKAR IS AGILE? – How To Integrate Change Management and the Agile Methodology

    One of these core values is ‘individuals and interactions over processes and tools.’ We point out that this value of Agile resonates with the core values of Change Management, which is managing the people side of change. Think of the second tenet of Change Management: “organizational change requires individual change.” We see here that Change […]

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Case studies

Our experiences across different industries, from Mining to Financial services, with all the challenges we have tackled and the results we have achieved.

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Meet change practitioners and experts like you who work everyday to shape the discipline of Change Management, learn from their experiences and understand how to deal with common and (sometimes) uncommon issues.

  • Early Insights, Applications, and Implications of AI in Change Management

    It’s early 2024 and we’re just beginning to understand the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the practice of organizational change management. At and Change and Prosci, we’re diving into the research to understand its impacts on our discipline, including the extent to which change leaders are using AI tools in change management, how they’re using them, and the early benefits they’re reaping. Join Allison and Tom as they discuss the latest implications and insights around AI and change management. 

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  • 3 Fundamental Skills to Have in Your Personal “Change Toolkit”

    Change is happening all around us, and putting three fundamental skills into your personal “change toolkit” will help you thrive through the uncertainty. This webinar introduces you to the mindset shift and toolset required to build the right skills and confidently say, “I can individually thrive in change,” “I can fulfill my role in change,” and “I can initiate and successfully manage change.” Join Karen Ball, Prosci’s EVP of Research, Product & Marketing to explore an interactive and self-reflective discussion leveraging Prosci research insights, as well as the ADKAR Model—a powerful yet simple model for facilitating individual change.

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  • Three Benefits of Being a Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner

    Allison van Schie, Prosci Certified Instructor and professional coach, shares the top three benefits to becoming a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner. Discover how you can: Gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful initiatives; Access a comprehensive toolkit and practitioner resources; Join the Prosci Global Change Management Community and access further development opportunities.

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  • Integrating Project Management and Change Management

    The PCT Model vividly illustrates the crucial interplay between project management and change management. In this engaging webinar, we will delve further into the significance of these interdependent disciplines, united by a shared goal – change success. Allison dives in to this often overlooked but critical topic. Level: Intermediate or advanced Who should watch: Change practitioners […]

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  • Advanced Applications of ADKAR

    In this interactive webinar, we will dive deeper into the powerful Prosci ADKAR Model® and how it can be used to prepare, equip and support individuals through change to achieve organizational results. We will explore advanced applications of ADKAR—as project milestones, to activate key roles, to equip people managers and senior leaders, and as a […]

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Some useful resources and tools to enhance your study and to build your own Change Management library with research-based materials.

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