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Prosci® Change Management Certification Program

A comprehensive, workshop-style Program to learn how to deploy a successful change initiative. Manage change on an individual and organizational level with the ADKAR® Model and the Three Phases: Prepare the approach, Manage change, Sustain Outcomes. The workshop is delivered in two ways: classroom and online using the VILT mode (Virtual Instructor-Led Training).

Why this Program?

The Certification Program is part of a 3-day immersion in the Prosci methodology,applied to your own project, followed by 3 months of support. After the course, you’ll be able to take the project completed work back to the workplace.

Participants graduate as Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioners, will be able to apply Prosci®’s analytical tools and practical approaches to change initiatives, and build organizational capacity and capability in Change Management.

Who is it for?

  • Change leaders
  • Project managers
  • Change Management practitioners
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • IT professionals
  • Human Resources business partners
  • Organizational Development professionals
  • Project team members

Acquire the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives within your team and across your organization.

The Prosci® Change Management Certification is an experiential learning program that will teach you how to apply a holistic methodology and toolset to the actual project that is challenging you.

After the Program, you will complete your own Change Management plans, based on research-based best practices.

What's in it for you?


  • How effective Change Management improves organizational results
  • The fundamentals of change and Change Management


  • How to apply a research-based Change Management methodology and toolset
  • How to apply the Prosci® ADKAR® Model to facilitate individual change
  • How to articulate the value of Change Management to your peers and leaders


  • Apply the Prosci® 3-Phase Process to a real project, enabling you to:
    • Assess readiness
    • Identify impacted groups
    • Build a holistic strategy for influencing individual transitions
  • Walk away with a Change Management strategy, plans and an executive presentation on the business case for Change Management
  • Gain certification in the Prosci® methodology and access to the Prosci® Change Management tools

Instructor-Lead Virtual or at a Venue

Join our virtual interactive courses to learn from anywhere you want or book a public session at one of our venues.

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Our Practitioners say

"The impact on the organization has been very positive. Change Management has become integral to the business and the conversation."

Nazlie, Central HR, Multinational Financial Services

Program materials

  • Access to the Prosci Portal that contains Knowledge Hub, Research Hub and Proxima
  • Best Practices in Change Management Report extract
  • Workbook: Prosci® Change Management Practitioner Program
  • Book: ADKAR®: a model for change in business, government and our community
  • Placemat

One-year access to the Knowledge Hub, Research Hub and Proxima. Knowledge Hub has a wealth of information about the methodology, Research Hub holds the Best Practices Report excerpt and Proxima contains all the tools and templates needed to complete the approach, the planning and the sustainment of the Change Management effort

Program agenda

Day one

  • Foundation
  • PCT Model
  • ADKAR® Model
  • Define Success
  • Why Change Management
  • Define Impact

Day two

  • Define Approach
  • Assess Risk
  • Deal with Resistance
  • Resources
  • Roles
  • Roadmap
  • Plan and Act
  • ADKAR® Blueprint
  • Create CM Plan(s)
  • Track Performance

Day three

  • Adapt Action
  • Review Performance
  • Activate Sustainment
  • Transfer Ownership
  • Complete Presentations
  • Deliver Presentations
  • Next Steps and Evaluation
  • Complete Presentation

Yes, I’d like to manage Change with you

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After the Program

Once you complete the course, are certified and have created your initial plan, we will help you refine it and apply Prosci® tools to deploy it.

Three-month sustainability program

As a practitioner, we offer you a post-class sustainability program to help you hone your strategies. We help you refine and adjust the strategies you prepared during the Program, so you can put it in practice with your team.


Get project-specific support from us, assess your improvements and get useful advice and insights via email or customer support service.


You are granted access to the Prosci® Portal, where you can find free tutorials and webinars as a life-long support mechanism.
The portal is updated continuously, so you always get new insights from actual research.

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