For Change Practitioners

Change Practitioners provide support and coaching to managers and supervisors as they help their direct reports through transitions, and to project teams as they integrate Change Management activities into their project plans.

You know

  • How to apply a structured methodology
  • The way people go through a change and the change process
  • Best practices in Change Management
  • The latest trends in Change Management discipline

Your skills include

  • Thinking strategically, supported by strong tactics
  • Creating Change Management strategies and plans
  • Leading Change Management activities
  • How to communicate and to listen, and to create strong empathic bonds
  • Supporting communication efforts
  • Assessing the change impact
  • Support training efforts
  • Planning for resistance management
  • Planning for multiple, simultaneous, change
  • Flexibility and perseverance

You feel

  • Committed to improving the way you manage change, personally and as an organization
  • Motivated to put your skills and knowledge to work for your benefit, and those around you
  • Empowered to add value to your executive sponsors

Are you facing a big challenge?

When change is involved, most organizations struggle with resistance, saturation, conflicting priorities, and so on. Try reading these common scenarios to find our solutions for your case.

As a New Change Practitioner

I’m in charge of Change Management for my project

The first step is to learn Change Management, because you need the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. The best you can do for this new task is to choose the Change Management Certification Program, that will teach you how to apply a research-based methodology to a real project.

Programs and Training

Prosci® Change Management Practitioner Program

This experiential learning Program, which forms part of a 3-month learning journey, teaches you to apply a holistic Change Management methodology and toolset. You will leave with a Change Management plan that leverages research-based best practices.

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As an Experienced Change Practitioner

I believe there are so many changes going on, my team looks frustrated

You need to detect how all the projects are impacting people throughout the organization. A change-saturated environment determines individual behaviors such as disengagement and confusion, projects failure and lack of benefits, and organizational symptoms such as a decline in productivity, high turnover, absenteeism.

Advisory Services

Building a Change Portfolio Management Capability

A structured approach and set of tools for mapping and understanding the cumulative and collective impact of the portfolio of change on employees throughout the organization.

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As a New Change Practitioner

The project I’m working on is experiencing resistance from employees

Resistance to change is completely normal, unless it becomes persistent and dangerous for the project. So, don’t directly address the resistance, but rather apply a Change Management methodology instead, so you will be able to understand the cause of the resistance and take steps to mitigate it.

Programs and Training

Prosci® Experienced Practitioner Program

A three-day intensive workshop to take your Change Management skills to the next level, applying new thinking and strategies to your work.

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Programs and Training

Prosci® Orientation to Change Management for Employees

A one-day workshop to introduce employees to key Change Management concepts and tools, enabling them to interact with management on a constructive basis.

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As an Experienced Change Practitioner

I feel my executives are not supporting the project for some reason

Sometimes, hierarchies interfere with the change process and a Change Practitioner doesn’t get enough support. You can try and solve this impasse by suggesting a Sponsor Program to involve executives and get support for your change initiatives. In more extreme situations, the best thing to do is to hire an external Change Practitioner, who can bypass hierarchies with no consequences. Your Change Management will then be presented by someone who’s perceived as neutral, getting the sponsorship it deserves.

Programs and Training

Prosci® Experienced Sponsor Briefing

Prosci® Best Practices in Change Management show that 72% of projects meet or exceed objectives based on sponsor effectiveness. This 3-day intensive Program helps Senior leaders provide the necessary sponsorship to deploy successful change.

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Practitioner Involvement

Our assets include a network of highly skilled consultants, whose professional backgrounds vary widely. You can hire one of our Experienced Change Practitioners who will be chosen according to your industry and his/her background.

or you can try looking for type of change

I’m going through a change which involves in the industry.

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Is your challenge different?

If your case is not listed in the scenarios above, we suggest you try looking at the challenges other professionals are experiencing, or contact us.

Some questions we’ve been asked before

Every organization is a world of its own, but sometimes there are patterns you can recognize in your own experience. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  1. Do I get some help from you?

    Yes. Be it projects, competency building or deploying Change Management as a strategic capability, we make sure you are able to deploy change in your organization and throughout your project. Our post-deployment services include a sustainability program, with support phone calls and Prosci® materials.

  2. My organization follows an Agile approach, does it work with Change Management?

    Of course it does. We provide bridging modules to integrate your current processes with Change Management. We can provide an Integrated Change Capability service to help you seamlessly integrate the new process into your existing ones.

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