Capability Building

Strategic Alignment Workshop to Develop Organizational Change Capability

Align your Change Management efforts to your organization’s strategic objectives and gather up to 20 stakeholders in this workshop powered by Prosci®’s framework and tools. The workshop will be held in-house or at a venue of your choice, duration depends on your needs.

Why this service?

This facilitated workshop is designed to support key stakeholders to develop and implement an effective strategy for organizational change capability, based on a Change Management maturity analysis, strategic objective and governance plan.

Who is it for?

  • Executive sponsors
  • Deployment leaders
  • Functional leaders
  • Key organizational influencers, e.g. Strategy Group, PMO

Strategic alignment workshop is not

  • A software application
  • An activity to define organization strategic objectives
  • An automatic filler of the organization gap between knowledge and ability

The problems with misalignment

A common mistake during change initiatives is to create a shared vision about Change Management too late in the process, when everyone will have already formulated their own position about the change.

Change Management is not linked to results and outcomes

That’s a misconception: Prosci®’s insights from Best Practices in Change Management show that projects are more likely to meet objectives, be on schedule and stay under budget if linked to results and outcomes.

Weak leadership and sponsorship

In theory, leaders and influencers agree on the value of Change Management, but are unprepared to sponsor and support it, due to a lack of alignment and poor clarity of purpose.

No change agenda, no common methodology

Without a clear strategy and a tactical plans to execute it, Change Management is just a different way of doing things, not a mindset driving progress.

The facilitator will guide you to document your plan for deployment of a change management capability, by leveraging a Change Management Maturity Model to assess your organization.

What's in it for you?

During the workshop you and your stakeholders will work together to create a set of deliverables that identify the current situation and define the organization's future state goal:

  • A shared vision for Change Management capability linked to your organizational strategy
  • The sequence of events to develop a Change Management capability
  • An understanding of the goals and objectives of building a Change Management capability
  • Analysis of the current state
  • A definition of the desired future state
  • Roles and responsibilities for key roles in the process
  • An elevator speech for why and how the organization will drive change capability

Change Management maturity levels

  1. Change Management is not perceived as a formal approach to manage the people side of change
  2. Some elements of Change management are slightly recognized and used in isolated projects
  3. Change Management processes are used for multiple projects
  4. Teams regularly use a Change Management approach from the beginning of their projects
  5. Change Management competency is a part of the organization's skill set

Two-day advisory for up to 20 participants

We can equip your organization with the tools to out-change others, remain agile and thrive during bigger, faster and more complex change.

Prosci® provides the framework, tools and facilitation to develop a Change Management capability strategy that aligns with your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Workshop resources

  • Reference material
  • Prosci®’s Change Management Maturity Model
  • ECM Roadmap

Workshop agenda

Meeting Kickoff

Enterprise Change Management Deployment Ambition:

  • Change Management ambition
  • Size, scope and speed
  • Desired approach
  • Rules of engagement

Change Management Maturity Mapping:

  • Current state & future state
  • Leadership commitment statement

Enterprise Change Management Goals:

  • Leadership, project, skill, structure and process

Sequence of Events:

  • Deployment roadmap
  • Schedule of events
  • Key program milestones

Communication planning:

  • Elevator speech and talking points

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