Capability Building

Change Portfolio Management Capability

Map and understand how multiple simultaneous changes are affecting employees in your organization, through valuable data and a high-level view, in order to boost performance and improvement. This workshop will be held in-house and its duration depends on your organizational needs.

Why this service?

To avoid Change Saturation, determining:

  • Individual consequences
  • Project consequences
  • Organisational consequences

To avoid Change Collision, impacting:

  • Funding
  • Resources for project and change teams
  • Timeframes
  • Mindshare
  • Collective impact on the people

Who is it for?

  • Sponsor executives
  • Stakeholders
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Change managers

Change Portfolio Management is not

  • A software application
  • The solution to change saturation
  • Effective without a pressing demand
  • Useful in the absence of decisions and governance by senior leaders

Symptoms of change saturation

Sometimes there are too many change initiatives going on at the same time, creating a change-saturated environment. In such a situation, some teams and employees may be more impacted than others by simultaneous change.

Individual behaviors

Change initiatives impacting the same teams may result in behaviors like disengagement and apathy, frustration and stress, stronger resistance to change, confusion and skepticism.

Project-level symptoms

If change saturation affects projects and project teams, it may lead to a lack of benefits and resources, unsustained changes and projects losing their strength.

Organizational results

At a higher level, change saturation affects the whole organization in terms of higher turnover, a decline in productivity, absenteeism, loss of focus and negative morale.

Building a Change Portfolio Management Capability is the best way to bring clarity and visibility to the portfolio of change currently underway, in order to manage its cumulative impact on the organization.

What's in it for you?

You’ll be able to build your Change Portfolio with:

  • A toolkit to direct the data gathering, the assessment and analysis of change initiatives and their mapping
  • Templates to help you organize the information collected for an effective analysis
  • Tools for analysis and presentation of your change portfolio

A Change Portfolio allows you to:

  • Identify portfolios of change and their stakeholders
  • Assess change across programs of work
  • Analyze the changes
  • Identify risks
  • Prepare and present a Change Management view of portfolios of initiatives

Workshop Materials

  1. CPM Toolkit for data gathering, assessment and analysis of initiatives and mapping of their change profile
  2. Templates to help organize the information for effective analysis
  3. Tools for analysis and presentation
  4. Formats provided: binder and memory stick

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