Kazakhstan has become a homeland for people of different nationalities and religions, united by a common destiny. The word, of Turkic origin, "Kazakh" means "free man", and Kazakhstan is a country historically inhabited by freedom-loving nomads. This is a country of skyscrapers and big wild steppes.

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According to archaeologists, the first settlements of early farmers and pastoralists on the territory of modern Almaty appeared in the 10th-9th centuries BC.

Almaty (literally “Father of Apples ") is Kazakhstan's cultural and historical center. This is the most colorful and at the same time, ultramodern Kazakh city. The city stands at the foot of the Zailiysky Alatau ridge. You can drive from Almaty to mountain lakes, picturesque gorges, and plateaus in half an hour.

If your organization is based in Kazakhstan or Central Asia, come, and meet us in Almaty.

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Almaty is connected to the rest of Kazakhstan with the roads. However, we suggest coming by train or plane, because of the large distances between the cities in Kazakhstan.

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Almaty International Airport welcomes daily flights from all over the world with many domestic flights connecting the city and making it a hub of activity.

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Farkhad is a Prosci® certified Facilitator and Change Manager with 13 years of experience in implementing big strategic changes.

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