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Change Management is a relatively young and ever-changing discipline. Here we try to investigate and collect useful insights about some of the questions we encounter among clients and peers.

  • Change Management meets Agile, how does that work?

    The Project Management landscape is changing quickly as companies increasingly combine Agile and Change Management.
    How do you combine these project- and initiative-level approaches? Let us show you how.

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  • What is Change Management?

    At a project or initiative level “Change management is the application of processes and tools to manage the people side of change from a current state to a new future state so that the desired results of the change (and expected return on investment) are achieved.”

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  • Can Project and Change Management get along?

    When an organization introduces a change, that change needs to be effectively managed. The discipline of project management provides the structure, processes and tools to manage it from a technical perspective.
    What about the people side?

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  • How do you apply one methodology to many cultures?

    All over the world, change is generally perceived as an external force impacting all our plans. The difference lies in the way people react and in their cultural midsets. So, how can you apply a standard methodology to different cultures?

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