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Can Project and Change Management get along?

When an organization introduces a change with a project or initiative, that change needs to be effectively managed on both the technical side and the people side. The discipline of project management provides the structure, processes and tools. What about the people side?

Biggest obstacles to integration

If not adequately presented, Change Management can be experienced as a slowdown or a useless approach.

  • 69% Lack of knowledge and understanding
  • 50% Role confusion
  • 36% No budget, resources or time
  • 26% Don’t see the importance
  • 24% CM slowed down the project

Data via Prosci® 2016 Best practices in CM

The discipline of Change Management focuses on your people to provide the processes and tools your employees need to understand and adopt change. Change usually affects their daily tasks and procedures, so this increases the likelihood of the project delivering better results. Project Management focuses on the more technical aspects.

“Communication, learning and sponsorship, that’s the key“

  1. Use structured plans to engage your team early, assess impact and emphasize the benefits of Change Management.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate!
    Be clear about role definition a build a relationship.
  3. Learn each other’s techniques and objectives, education is essential for Change and Project teams.

85% African organizations report a higher level of integration

Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the regions with the highest levels of integration.
Asia and Pacific Islands have the lowest levels, probably because they tend to be stricter and more hierarchical.

Before starting the integration

Advisory Services

Building a Change Portfolio Management Capability

A structured approach and set of tools for mapping and understanding the cumulative and collective impact of the portfolio of change on employees throughout the organization.

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  1. Share a focus on results and outcomes

    Use structured plans to engage your team early, assess impact and emphasize the benefits of Change Management.

  2. Acknowledge the value of Change

    Everyone in your organization must view Change Management as an essential part of project delivery.
    Make sure the application shows its influence on achieving benefits and results.

  3. Be rigorous and get sponsorship

    Having a structured approach to both Project and Change Management will gain you credibility with sponsors and project teams.


So, the answer is Yes, they’re complementary. Project and Change Management provide tools, methodology and a shared inclination for results and outcomes.

Integration increases the chances of success and enhances the whole process, from a better work alignment for practitioners to a more consistent sequence of activities and tools.


  1. Project and Change Management are two sides of the same coin.
  2. Project Management ensures initiatives are deployed on the technical side. Change Management ensures the people side is preserved. They both aim to reach outcomes and project objectives.
  3. We believe early engagement and communication are the best first step you can do before integrating. Everyone involved has the right to know what is coming up next and how they will be affected!

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