Regarded as the land of good food, warm welcomes and sunny beaches, Italy is also a country of world-famous entrepreneurs and innovative ideas. Our Italian node is based in Naples, our hometown.

Ciao! Welcome to Italy

Italy as we know it today was born in 1861 with the Italian Unification. Until then, it was a mix of different peoples and regional peculiarities.

The cultural differences and the many regional traditions are still alive and that’s what makes Italy such a hotbed of fine arts, ideas and creativity.

If your organization is based in Italy or in continental Europe, come and meet us in Naples.

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Naples is connected to the rest of Italy with a dense motorway network and high-speed rail. However, we suggest coming by train to avoid the typical Italian traffic jams.

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Naples International Airport welcomes daily frights from Europe and from the rest of the world. There are also many domestic flights. The airport is close to the city center, with regular bus services and taxis.

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The Italian Team

Meet the people working at Italia and Change to receive our best solution for your challenge.

Teresa Paduano

Executive Director, Naples

Founder and executive director, Teresa understands change and loves a good customer service.

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Tom Marsicano

Director, Naples

Founder, director and Master Certified Prosci® Instructor, with a love for research.

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Fabio Paduano

Account Manager, Naples

Our computer scientist. He is researching the latest models in Change Management and assisting clients with data insights.

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Rino Platania

Ux Designer, Naples

Experienced designer and Prosci® certified Practitioner, with over 15 years history of working in the internet industry.

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