Why join us

Consultants and practitioners often tell us that when they’re busy consulting, they’re not selling, but when they’re marketing themselves, they’re not earning.

  1. Increase your visibility

    Our nodes have many visitors because we already have many customers, thousands of practitioners who work in hundreds of organizations whom we have trained and who have come to trust us as credible in this industry. Visitors to any of our nodes around the world could see you.

  2. Establish yourself as an industry leading consultant

    The visibility we provide you allows you to establish yourself as a leader in your area.

  3. Demonstrate your services and solutions

    Through your stories and case studies, you will be contributing to our network, and letting other prospects get to know you, your skills and experiences, and the type of solutions you provide.

Our promise is to give clients the best solutions to their Change Management needs. We achieve this with a combination of excellent training and a community of trusted practitioners and consultants.

What's in it for you

Gain visibility while working with colleagues and access information and tools to help you become even more successful.

Presence on the Industry page

All partners will be given space to introduce themselves. Our format is designed to provide you some freedom to express with flair and individuality.

Email address you@andchange

You are provided with an email address that visitors and partners can use to communicate with you, and that we will use to stay in touch with us.

Regular advertising

Regular advertising of our platform provides you the visibility across geographies, networks and devices.

Contact management

Our contact managers will assist you to stay in touch with customers and prospects, so you don’t lose the threads of the conversations and proposals you have out there.

Join our network of partners

Becoming an and Change partner means building a network of organizations that value the importance of Change Management as a way of improving the ROI of every change, by keeping our valuable people and helping to unfold their potential.

More projects

Practitioners and consultants thrive on working in projects of all sizes and types. We are exposed to these as part of our daily work and would like you to get involved too.

Work with potentially every other and Change partner

Joining our network of partners will open you up to a range of knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities.

Engage with senior level decision makers

We deal with decision makers every day and we like to give them solutions and options.

Broader base of resources for projects

Our expanding network of partners, gives you access to hundreds of colleagues to bolster your team. Not all our partners are featured at the same time, but we can connect you with them.

Access our pool of experienced Change Managers

You may need another experienced practitioner to assist you. We can help you find the right partner or provide one of our people to assist you.

Access to leading training

Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced. They can complement your delivery to customers.

More partners, more industries served

Many consultants like you have already joined our network. The more partners we have, the more industry specific expertise we can offer, enabling us to better meet customer needs.


Our expertise include the application of Change Management to banking and insurance, wealth management and asset management, transaction banking.


Change Management is becoming the rule in a sector facing many market challenges. Our clients and partners include Major, Intermediate and Junior mining companies, from across the globe.


We work with Central and Local Governments to build Change Management capabilities and improve the culture of change.


Logistics are facing huge changes, mainly due to the digital transformation and the resulting customer expectations.


Media and entertainment companies are developing new content strategies to integrate their traditional channels with the digital ones.


The ICT industry is moving fast and it’s acting as a driving force for all the other industries, continuously introducing new tools and channels.

Join our network of partners

Contact us if you wish to share your story with us or if you need further information on our network. We will get back very soon!