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Consultants and practitioners often tell us that when they’re busy consulting, they’re not selling, but when they’re marketing themselves, they’re not earning.

Our advisor network is a dynamic collaboration with trusted consultants and change practitioners, providing seamless engagement and support when needed

  1. Contribute to a growing body of Change Diaries for exclusive discounts

    We encourage our collaborators to share their own experiences and lessons learned in change management. As a valued member of our network, your contribution unlocks exclusive discounts for our training programs.

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    Through the network, showcase your skills, experience and the solutions you provide.

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    The more partners join us, the better value we can add to any business or organizational transformation in a broader range of industries. Your active participation and your advice are precious to the network.

Our promise is to give clients the best solutions to their organizational and business needs. We achieve this with a combination of excellent training and a community of trusted practitioners and consultants.

What's in it for you

Becoming an and Change™ partner is easy and it helps you gain more visibility and connect to other professionals like you to improve your knowledge.

Your story and case studies here

Your experiences will be featured throughout our digital eco-system to spark conversations with peers and clients.

Editorial support to boost your online presence

Our expert copywriter will work with you to optimise your change diary for digital media and boost your online presence.

More opportunities

Identify and share opportunities for joint service offerings and identify and promote training and consulting opportunities.

Prosci® tools and services

For projects involving Change Management you can rely on and Change™ as a Prosci® affiliate.

About Prosci®

Prosci® is the leading Change Management solutions provider that supports organizational change with a research-based methodology.

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Everyday we work in projects of all sizes and types. Having a network of trusted partners means that 1) you can work on industry-specific projects backed by our experience and 2) we can support you in bigger or more challenging projects with your own clients.

Gain access to leading training

You can complement your delivery to customers with the support of our highly skilled and experienced trainers and benefit from discounted access to our Prosci® courses.

Showcase your skills

Your competencies and skills will be presented in the form of case studies or blog posts, shared and promoted by leveraging our marketing platform.

Receive industry-specific support

You may need a more seasoned consultant or more experienced practitioner to support you in your project. We can help you find the right partner or provide one of our people to assist you.

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