Competency Building

Integrating Agile and Change Management

A workshop designed to integrate Change Management and project management, to improve adoption of iteratively designed solutions and consistently reach your project objectives faster. The workshop is delivered in two ways: classroom and online using the VILT mode (Virtual Instructor-Led Training).

Why this program?

Improving Project results is a constant goal in any organization and Agile and Change Management are the two factors that can significantly contribute to project success.

In this workshop we will integrate Agile and Change Management best practices, while you utilize the latest Prosci® research and frameworks to build detailed plans. These tactics will aid you in the optimization of the project iterative designed solutions.

Who is it for?

  • Change management practitioners supporting Agile efforts
  • Agile practitioners integrating change management into their work
  • Project leaders integrating Agile principles
  • Change management practitioners who wants to stay at the forefront of this growing discipline 

When Agile and Change Management are integrated, Change activities and practices are deployed much more frequently, because they follow the Agile sprint structure.

With Agile and its iterated design solutions the frequency of changes wins over the magnitude, that’s why integration requires a high level of flexibility and speed of execution.

What's in it for you?


Understand the foundation of change management and Agile and define change management roles in an Agile environment


Explore how to manage change adoption in an Agile initiative. How to improve communications between Change Practitioners and project managers to meet project objectives.


Align the Prosci ADKAR® Model with Agile efforts and sprints/releases. Align the organizational change management plans to Agile.

Instructor-Lead Virtual or at a Venue

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Program Agenda

Course Materials (included)

  • Program workbook,  assessment tool and handouts
  • One-year subscription to digital content, resources and tools in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite, including:
  • Research Hub – Change Management and Agile Benchmarking Report
  • Knowledge Hub – Integrating Agile and Change Management Workshop

Program agenda

  • Foundations of Agile and change management
  • Origins of Agile
  • Agile and Change Management principles
  • Applying change management when moving from waterfall to Agile
  • Contributors to successful Agile transformations
  • Obstacles to successful Agile transformations
  • Managing the people side of the move from waterfall to Agile
  • How to adapt your Change Management approach in Agile
  • Adapting the ADKAR® Model® in Agile
  • Adapting five organizational change plans in Agile
  • Roles for Change Management in Agile
  • Next steps

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