Capability Building

Change Management Consulting

Raise your change capability and fast-track your project success, by leveraging the best practices and tools supported by our consultants, with an approach tailored to your unique organizational needs.


If you are responsible for the implementation of major organizational change initiatives like culture or system changes or you are responsible for building your organization change capability you need to ensure that you are leveraging the best practices and tools to drive success.

Through our Change Management Consulting, our expert consultants work alongside your team to apply Prosci®’s industry-leading research, processes and tools to improve performance and accelerate your change success.

Who is it for?

Senior leaders who need to achieve the expected results of their strategic changes, while building their organizational change capability.

How we leverage consulting

Standard ways to leverage consulting include:

  1. Execute change management with you on your projects
  2. An expert Change Advisor assesses and helps you manage a portfolio of change projects
  3. We provide expert support for developing your CMO and enterprise-wide Change Management capability

What's in it for you?

We will work together with your team, with whom we can execute or facilitate you:

  • Assessing your current state and develop a vision for what success looks like in the future for your organization
  • Defining adoption metrics and track adoption over the project lifecycle
  • Creating a tailored plan to define how our experts can work with your team to reach the desired Change Management goals
  • Executing the plan together and measuring success
  • Supporting you after go-live to manage resistance and achieve the desired outcomes
  • Building your individual and organizational change capabilities through role modeling, knowledge transfer, and on-the-ground coaching

Supported by our Partners

Through our Partner Program we can deliver consulting services in change management associated disciplines, like:

  • Management consulting
  • Organization design
  • HR practices
  • Culture transformation
  • Digitization
  • Embedding machine learning and models
  • Many more disciplines
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