Capability Building

Build and integrate a Change Management capability in your organization with our advisory services.

  • Strategic Alignment Workshop to Develop Organizational Change Capability

    Align your Change Management efforts to your organization’s strategic objectives and gather up to 20 stakeholders in this workshop powered by Prosci®’s framework and tools. The workshop will be held in-house or at a venue of your choice, duration depends on your needs.

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  • Change Portfolio Management Capability

    Map and understand how multiple simultaneous changes are affecting employees in your organization, through valuable data and a high-level view, in order to boost performance and improvement. This workshop will be held in-house and its duration depends on your organizational needs.

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  • Integrated Change Capability

    Find and synchronize integration points between Change Management and other disciplines, for a seamless approach to change. Change Management can be integrated into your organization capabilities, from project management to Agile and Lean. This is an in-house workshop, with a variable duration, depending on your needs.

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  • Change Management Consulting

    Raise your change capability and fast-track your project success, by leveraging the best practices and tools supported by our consultants, with an approach tailored to your unique organizational needs.

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  • Coaching for change practitioners

    One-on-one coaching service provided by one of our top advisors, to fast-track your ability to deliver change results and improve your confidence.

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