Capability Building

Integrated Change Capability

Find and synchronize integration points between Change Management and other disciplines, for a seamless approach to change. Change Management can be integrated into your organization capabilities, from project management to Agile and Lean.
This is an in-house workshop, with a variable duration, depending on your needs.

Why this service?

This service is designed to assist and support your organization in finding and synchronizing integration points with other disciplines such as project management, continuous improvement, strategic planning, leadership development, Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, emotional intelligence, and engagement.

Who is it for?

  • Sponsor executives
  • Stakeholders
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Change managers

Approaches you can integrate

  1. Project Management
  2. Continuous improvement
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Agile
  6. Lean
  7. Six Sigma
  8. Emotional Intelligence and Engagement

Signs of an integration failure

In environments with different changes and projects, it’s easy to experience conflicting priorities. First of all, you need to state clearly the needs and purpose of your project, and create awareness by integrating your change capability.
Confusing situations can be easily avoided by implementing program level Change Management.

Conflicting priorities, resource shortages

Projects tend to move in different directions, and their increasing number may affect the engagement within the organization. Plus, a bad integration may cut the investments.

Stakeholders and front-line employees out of the conversation

Engagement is essential at any level, and a practitioner’s duty is to collaborate and engage stakeholders and sponsors, employees and other teams, to keep the communication going.

The Change Management plan feels like an imposition

A Change Management plan may be perceived as an additional task to be done. The best practice is to adjust it and create flexible chunks to test and help others adapt.

Communication is key to any change initiative, but you also need to encourage collaboration at all levels, ensuring sponsorship from all your stakeholders.

In an environment with lots of concurrent projects people experience conflicting priorities. Such a situation could be easily avoided by implementing program level change management and by coordinate communication.

Change Management should become part of existing methods and processes that aim to continuously improve the organisation.

What's in it for you?

After the workshop, we will develop bridging modules to integrate your change management plan with your approach.
We can deliver the integration modules in your organization, or teach you how to deliver it yourself, with a Train-the-Trainer program, where you will learn:

  • The purpose, objectives, intended audience and structure of five role-based programs (Change Management Practitioner Program, Program for Managers, Sponsor Briefing, Employee Orientation, Delivering Project Results: workshop for project managers)
  • Reviewing key learning modules and facilitation recommendations
  • Practice facilitating select learning modules in front of the class and instructors
  • Receive feedback and recommendations for improving delivery
  • Craft a training delivery strategy to guide your implementation

Dimension of integration

  1. People - Architect the relationship between the project team and the resource or resources dedicated to change management — integrating at the “who is doing the work” level;
  2. Process - Sequence and align the technical side activities with people side activities — integrating at the “what work is being done” level;
  3. Tool - Identify particular tools that can be extended to include both a technical side and people side component — integrating at the “what tools are being used to do the work” level;
  4. Methodology - Create a common set of steps applied by any project that addresses both the technical side and the people side of the change.

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