Competency Building

Stakeholder Engagement Programme

A multimedia, experiential, customised program that focuses on identifying and compiling a relationship management plan for all stakeholders, based on their influence and interest. The workshop is delivered in two ways: classroom and online using the VILT mode (Virtual Instructor-Led Training).

Why this program?

It’s virtually impossible to think of an organisation these days that can operate in isolation to the environment around it. In a world where the boundaries of organisations are fuzzy it’s important to manage the relationship of those who are interested in what we do but don’t report to us directly.

Who is it for?

  • Project/program managers
  • Change managers or practitioners
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • IT professionals
  • Human Resources business partners
  • Organizational Development professionals
  • Project team members

This program helps you and your team in manage stakeholder engagement, providing practical knowledge of the principles and processes involved. You are provided access to tools that can be immediately used for ongoing or new relationships. Effective use of this information and skills can significantly improve relationships between business functions.

What's in it for you?


Who are your stakeholders and how to classify stakeholders in various situations; hierarchy, projects etc


How to classify, evaluate and drive relationships with key stakeholders. When focusing on stakeholders, identify their needs, issues, modes of engagement, expectations and concerns. You will learn effective ways to evaluate the risks to the company and the stakeholders.


Information and tools to profile stakeholders from the point of view of their interests, influence, attitudes and relationship. You will also compile and implement a stakeholder relationship management plan while applying assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of your plan.

Instructor-Lead Virtual or at a Venue

Join our virtual interactive courses to learn from anywhere you want or book a public session at one of our venues.

Do you need an in-house session?
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Program materials

  • Online mapper tool for one year
  • Learner guide
  • Copies of slides

Program agenda

Day One

  • Guiding Principles and Factors
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Defining Stakeholder issues
  • Assessing Stakeholder attributes

Day two

  • Defining types of impact
  • Current level of engagement
  • Prepare to engage
  • Prepare plan
  • Manage the plan

Yes, I’d like to manage Change with you

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After the program

You can take the work you performed on building the plan during the program and expand on this to include all the stakeholders you identified but did not have time to fully plan for. You can also interact with stakeholders and colleagues to give you the insight into your stakeholders. We will be there to support you.


Get project-specific support from us, assess your improvements and get useful advice and insights via email or customer support service.

Three-month sustainability program

As a practitioner, we offer you a post-class sustainability program to help you hone your plan. We help you refine and adjust the plan you prepared during the Program, so you can put it into practice with your team.


You are provided one year’s access to the and Change Stakeholder Engagement Planner platform. This can be extended as you please.

Frequently Asked Questions

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