Unfolding your people’s potential

We guide teams through individual and organizational change, applying a unique mix of experience, proven methods and research, with a personal touch.

Our history

The miracle of the transformation of South Africa in the 90s showed us that real change is possible, no matter how challenging it may be. We also learnt that people are the secret to achieving results.

So, we started as Picourseware in 1997 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Together with our partners, we launched a new company in 2010 in Great Britain, ILS - Interactive Learning Solutions. Later we launched associated companies with more partners, in Italy, Russia and Turkey.

Our assets

What we have achieved so far, is a powerful toolset:

  1. 01 A global experience,in multiple nodes: UK, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan.
  2. A network of trusted professionals we can rely on when necessary
  3. A certification with the ACMP as a Qualified Education Provider (QEP)
  4. The capability to work with small to large organizations

Prosci® Primary Affiliate

We chose to affiliate with Prosci® for Change Management in 2007, for its research-based tools and methodology, and because they are known for helping unfold people’s potential by working on their actual projects. Since then, we have built a solid relationship and a proven track record.

Our transition to a future state

In 2016 we started a renewal process, to encompass all our nodes across the world and our network of trusted consultants and practitioners. This is and Change.

Our Values


We know Change is something you can't approach light-heartedly, and that's why we believe a surprise. Even so, we have found that a surprise or unexpected twist can defuse the tension during your learning experience, and ultimately reinforce its effectiveness.


Each organization is a world of its own shaped by its people and their sensibilities. Recognizing this we don’t have one-size fits all solutions. We know how to adapt to different cultures and their different reactions to change.


Change Management means managing the people side of change to achieve organizational change and better business outcomes. We help you guide your people through a process that will unfold their potential.

Knowledge and Competency building

We believe that deploying change means guiding your organization through a learning process, with a research-based methodology that provides you with tools and best practices you can use anytime you need them.

Reliability and value

Many years of extensive research and a trusted network of experienced practitioners are key assets we offer you as the core of your Change Management toolkit.

Global mindset

We, as a company, were born in South Africa, a place where differences meet and blend. Such a background and our worldwide nodes build up to one of the most powerful tools we have: knowing how to deal with different cultures.

Our network of clients and partners

We always encourage our key Clients to join our network as partners, in order to better understand their industries' peculiarities. This enriches our skill set and enables us to design better and more consistent solutions.

Financial Services

Our expertise include the application of Change Management to banking and insurance, wealth management and asset management, transaction banking.

  • ABSA
  • African Development Bank
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • First National Bank
  • Nedbank
  • Standard Bank Group
  • Swiss Re


Change Management is becoming the rule in a sector facing many market challenges. Our clients and partners include Major, Intermediate and Junior mining companies, from across the globe.

  • African Rainbow Minerals
  • Anglo American
  • Exxaro


We work with Central and Local Governments to build Change Management capabilities and improve the culture of change.

  • Botswana Unified Revenue Services
  • Department of International relations and Cooperation
  • RSA Department of Justice
  • Garanti Bank
  • Industrial Development Corporation
  • Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Lesotho Revenue Authority
  • Ministry of Health Turkey
  • Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority
  • Railway Safety Regulator
  • RSA Bureau of Standards
  • Swaziland revenue Authority
  • UK Vehicle and Operator Services Agency
  • Western Cape Government


Logistics are facing huge changes, mainly due to the digital transformation and the resulting customer expectations.

  • Barloworld Logistics


Media and entertainment companies are developing new content strategies to integrate their traditional channels with the digital ones.

  • Multichoice


The ICT industry is moving fast and it’s acting as a driving force for all the other industries, continuously introducing new tools and channels.

  • Internet Solutions
  • Ricoh (RSA and Italia)


The Prosci method is used by thousands of organisations, who sometimes insist that contractors working in their organisation also use this method. Also, it is always a good idea for a practitioner to know more than one method; that builds depth of understanding and flexibility.

  • 3P
  • MAC Consulting
  • Tretrahedriya


The prices of natural resources, e.g. petroleum, rare metals etc. not to mention technological changes like 3D printing, skill shortages and infrastructural decay all contribute to a season of change. As cost pressures drive for greater efficiency players in this industry need to reshape and become more flexible.

  • SA Airways
  • Transnet


This industry has had to endure depressed prices for nearly a decade. Combined with skill shortages, political instability and increased focus on safety has made change part of its lifeblood.

  • Sasol
  • Tüpraş Turkish Petroleum Refinery Corporation


The big players have smaller, very nimble, competitors biting at the ankles; challenging the cost structures. Growth of inbound marketing strategies make brand management so much more complex. With consumers who want to shop anywhere in the world, the opportunities abound but the changes for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are enourmous, in an environment of ever-increasing cost pressure.

  • Arcelik
  • Beko
  • Kimberley Clark
  • Pick n Pay
  • Migros


Digitisation and the increase in cross-legal-system relationships is driving up competition and shortening the value chain, resulting in major pressure for law firms to rejig the operating models and change the way their lawyers deliver value

  • Bowmann Gillfillan
  • Webber Wentzel


The increase in demand by developing economies and the pressure to change the mix of sources in developed countries introduce different changes for players in different countries. Mix in political upheaval and we need new ways in which existing networks need to operate. Change is the only constant in this industry.

  • Aygaz
  • Entek Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.
  • Rosatom

Get to know us and Change

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This is us

We believe that managing change well — at an individual and organizational level — builds a better world for all. and Change represents these values drawn from our personal history in delivery.

Tom Marsicano

Founder and Director

Tom Marsicano is the founder and Director of and Change, and a Master Certified Prosci® Instructor. An extensive background, especially in financial services and IT systems, and love for research make him a widely respected facilitator and speaker.

Tom's history

Tom started his career in commerce where he gained experience in all aspects of project management and system implementation. He very soon recognized that some projects were more successful than others, which fuelled his interest in Change Management.

He started focusing on his consulting career, using his diverse experience all over Africa and Europe on projects involving mergers, technology changes and corporate culture change, deepening his love for Change Management.

This lead to his joining a global financial services group where he oversaw the Change Management for a number of operational initiatives. It was here that he was first exposed to the Prosci® methodology.

Combining his love of research with his belief in using the methodology to improve business performance, Tom left to become one of Prosci®'s first external facilitators and speakers and joined Picourseware soon after.

Today, Tom is widely regarded as one of Prosci®’s best facilitators by training colleagues and students, for his naturally engaging facilitation style and his diverse experience which he so easily uses to enhance training sessions.

To date, Tom has trained thousands of practitioners in various sectors including government/semi-government, financial, mining, petrochemical, FMCG, management consulting and hospitality sectors.

He was a guest lecturer in Change Management at the University of Johannesburg, and in 2012 was appointed a board member of the Association of Change Management Professionals, a worldwide body representing the Change Management industry.

Experiences and Skills

  • Undergraduate Degree in Commerce
  • Project management and system implementation
  • Corporate culture change
  • Master Certified Prosci® Instructor

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Teresa Paduano

Founder and Executive Director

Teresa Paduano is the Executive Director and founder. It's perhaps Teresa's own history of personal change that can be accredited for her passion of Change Management and the establishment of the Company.

Teresa's history

Managing Director, Prosci® instructor and Primary Prosci® affiliate in South Africa, she looks after Clients from the very first contact until the final phases of the project.

After her Masters degree in Education, Teresa specialized in adult education and went on to design a number of highly commended management and business courses.

Teresa observed the tangible results in organizations that chose to apply Prosci®'s Change methodology and knew that she wanted a hands-on role in exposing more businesses to the same results.

She formalized her working arrangement with Prosci® and became their Primary Affiliate for South Africa, even becoming a qualified Prosci® instructor herself. Her understanding of the need to manage change, her love of people and passion for good customer service keeps her involved in the hands on service of all our clients.

Experiences and Skills

  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Specialization in Adult education
  • Management and Business courses design
  • A great history of personal change

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