South Africa

This is one of the most nuanced places in the world, with eleven official languages and a difficult journey through change. In South Africa people are learning to coexist and working to find their balance.

Howzit? Welcome to Joburg

Johannesburg was founded in 1886 after the discovery of a gold vein, in the area that then became the province of Gauteng, place of gold. It may be a city — and a country — of many differences, that led to critical moments in history, but we’re all trying to change together.

We know differences and radical changes, we are using truth and empathy to manage the great, ongoing change in our country. This is our background, and we are happy to share it with you to help you successfully manage change in your organization, focusing on the people’s side of change.

If your organization is based or has business in Africa, come and meet us at our offices in Johannesburg.

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A number of highways from everywhere in South Africa go to Johannesburg (N1 from Cape Town and Bloemfontein and N3 from Durban). We are 10 mins from the city centre.

Get there by plane

Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport is 21 km from the city centre. There are many flights from international hubs, such as London, Paris and Frankfurt. Most flights from Europe are overnight and arrive in the early morning.

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Programs + Training

Prosci® Train the Trainer program — Level 1

A two-day program prepares practitioners to teach role-based training program. You'll learn to facilitate Prosci's Change Management Programs for Managers, Employees, Project Managers and Project Teams.

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  1. August 27 - 28, 2024


Programs + Training

Prosci® Train the Trainer program — Level 2

If you're ready to build on your learning from Train-the-Trainer Program Level 1, this program is for you. Level 2 is a two-day program,enabling you to facilitate the Change Management Practitioner Program and Change Management Sponsor Briefing.

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  1. August 29 - 30, 2024


The South African Team

Meet the people working at Suid-Afrika and Change. We can’t speak all of the official languages, but we can help you design the best solution for your change initiative.

Teresa Paduano

Executive Director, Johannesburg

Founder and executive director, Teresa understands change and loves a good customer service.

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Tom Marsicano

Director, Johannesburg

Founder, director and Master Certified Prosci® Instructor, with a love for research.

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Nicholas Marsicano

Account Manager, Johannesburg

Training assistant and account manager, connecting with clients to ensure the best in training.

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Vincent Marsicano

Financial Officer, Johannesburg

Prosci® certified Practitioner and Physics PhD holder, working with and Change for 10 years now.

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Robert Smith

Administration Officer, Johannesburg

Manages the background support, helping trainers and front office work smoothly.

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