These free tools include templates and guidelines to help you manage your everyday change activities.

  • Change Management Practitioner Career Guide

    When organisations make big changes—like acquiring other businesses, implementing technologies, and streamlining processes—they also need to help employees engage with, adopt and use the changes. Otherwise, the organisation risks losing their sizable investments. After all, what good is the latest technology if no one uses it?

    Change management practitioners address these needs and enjoy rewarding careers with upward mobility.

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  • The Change Management Starter Bundle

    Did you know that projects with effective change management are six times more likely to meet or exceed desired outcomes?

    Organizations are facing bigger, faster, more complex changes than ever before. But knowing how and where to start managing change can be tricky. Whether you’re part of a change team or you just want to understand best practices, you can get started in change management with free resources from Prosci.

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  • A Change Management Office Primer

    One of the steps taken to build Change Capability is the creation of a structure to support change management in the organization, usually in the form of a Change Management Office (CMO), Center of Excellence (CoE), Community of Practice (CoP) or some other entity dedicated to change management.

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  • Yesterday-Tomorrow Exercise Fillable Worksheet

    The Yesterday-Tomorrow Exercise is a quick and simple way to assess the impact of change on people.

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  • Prosci Enterprise Access

    How can you equip an entire department or organization with the tools and resources to effectively embed change management in their daily work? The answer might be a Prosci Enterprise Access.

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  • Best Practices in Change Management

    Prosci has researched change management best practices for more than 20 years. For every edition of Best Practices in Change Management, we ask our study participants “What are the greatest contributors to a successful change management initiative?”

    Collectively and consistently, participant responses point to seven straightforward factors that impact the results of a change initiative. These are the best practices of change management, as reported to Prosci by more than 8,000 individuals involved in change management. 

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  • 6 Tactics for Growing Enterprise Change Capability

    Prosci engaged with 10 industry innovators to understand how they’re prioritizing organizational change competency as a strategic objective. Here are the six universal and effective tactics we uncovered…

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  • The ADKAR Model and Senior Leadership

    Equipping senior leaders with a model of change helps them effectively participate in the change management process. Further, employee adoption has been shown to increase when senior leaders are seen adopting and actively using a change management model. In a research effort to understand how organizations use the Prosci ADKAR® Model (ADKAR), Prosci explored how to […]

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  • The ADKAR Model as a Measurement Framework

    When used effectively, data gathered through measurement enables us to identify issues, diagnose gaps and take corrective action. Measurement data reveals where progress and change is happening and where obstacles need to be addressed. As leaders of change, we know that demonstrating progress is important. In a research effort to investigate how leading organizations are using […]

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  • Reinforcing and Sustaining Change Outcomes

    Prosci embarked on a targeted research effort to add depth and breadth to the body of knowledge related to reinforcing and sustaining change outcomes. This effort builds on existing research and methodology aimed at reinforcement. The objective of this study is to provide lessons learned and actionable insights for change practitioners around the world.

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