These free tools include templates and guidelines to help you manage your everyday change activities.

  • Agile and Change Management Executive Summary

    In response to the increasing prevalence of Agile development approaches and the need to drive adoption and usage of the solutions created using these approaches, Prosci conducted a study to explore two dimensions of change management related to Agile development.

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  • Managing Resistance to Change Executive Summary

    Actively managing and mitigating resistance is a key part of change management, especially when employed alongside proactive steps to build awareness, adoption and proficiency. This executive summary contains the results of the latest research conducted by Prosci in managing the resistance that naturally occurs with any change.

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  • The Prosci ADKAR Model Overview eBook

    This guide will fast-track your understanding of the Prosci ADKAR Model and its application for personal and organizational changes.

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  • Reinforcement – How to sustain a change

    Many organizations invest significant time and energy in building the necessary awareness, desire, knowledge and ability for a change to be successful, yet overlook the final milestone – reinforcement. Once a change is finished, the tendency is to immediately move on to the next task. As a result reinforcement efforts can often fall short and […]

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  • Ability – How to foster the ability to implement a change

    In an individual’s change process, results and outcomes first emerge at the ability stage. New behaviors are successfully achieved and the future state starts to take shape. With demonstrated ability, change is realized. Ability is turning knowledge into action. Ability means tangibly demonstrating the application of intellectual understanding in a real-world environment.

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  • Knowledge – How to effectively build knowledge in individuals

    The knowledge that lives within individuals impacted by change enables change success. Understanding how to change and how to operate in the future state is an essential precursor to adopting new processes, systems and job roles. When a person has the awareness of the need for change and the desire to support a change, knowledge […]

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  • Desire – How to positively influence a person’s desire to embrace change

    In this second in the ADKAR series of eBooks we explore the details of one of the most difficult, yet crucial, elements of ADKAR to build. We discuss the factors that go in to a person’s desire to change and the practical actions we can take to influence those factors.

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  • Awareness – How to Effectively Build Awareness for Change

    Whether you’re a seasoned change practitioner or new to change management, this eBook provides invaluable insight into building awareness of the need for change: why it is important, how we can build awareness effectively, what obstacles we can expect and how to overcome these barriers. Take the first step on the road to build ADKAR.

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  • The ADKAR 6 Free Resources eBook Bundle

    Your success is our top objective. By now you’ve been exposed to the Prosci ADKAR® Model. It’s time to learn more about the building blocks that make up this powerful tool.

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