Competency Building

Experienced Practitioner Program

A dive into advanced Change Management and its implementation, with an opportunity to collaborate with other experienced practitioners like you. The workshop is delivered in two ways: classroom and online using the VILT mode (Virtual Instructor-Led Training).

Why this Program?

Advanced change skills come from both literature and experience: during the Program you will be provided not only with a research-based framework, tools and facilitation, but also with a network of seasoned peers to engage in discussions about techniques and tactics for achieving sustained change.

Dive into key topics including Sponsorship, Resistance, the Case for Change Management, etc.

Who is it for?

  • Experienced change professionals who have already applied Change Management on many different types of projects with varying degrees of complexity

Develop your best perspective on how to adapt Change Management within your organization through case studies, complex change scenarios and, most of all, the opportunity to work with and learn from our senior facilitators and other experienced practitioners like you.

Program pre-requisites

You must attend the following prerequisites to enter the Program:

  • Complete Prosci® Change Management Certification Program
  • Apply the Prosci® methodology to at least one change project - better if multiple projects
  • Have Change Management application experience
  • Submit a competency assessment questionnaire
  • Complete a comprehensive literature review

What's in it for you?


The roots and streams of Change Management discipline through a complete review of its literature.


  • Cutting-edge Change Management topics
  • Change portfolio management
  • Change Management measurement
  • Change program management
  • Leadership engagement
  • Resistance management


The merged approaches you have learned during the three days.

Instructor-Lead Virtual or at a Venue

Join our virtual interactive courses to learn from anywhere you want or book a public session at one of our venues.

Do you need an in-house session?
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Program Materials (included)

  • Program workbook, handouts and assessments

Program agenda

Day one

  • History and evolution of Change Management
  • Analysis of Change Management models
  • Compare and contrast presentations
  • Before we start Change Management

Day two

  • Advanced Change Management applications
  • Team structures
  • Resourcing and budgeting
  • Integrating project and Change Management
  • Sponsor engagement
  • Management engagement
  • Resistance management

Day three

  • Change Management measurement
  • Beyond Change Management
  • Enterprise change capability

Yes, I’d like to manage Change with you

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After the Program

Change Practitioners who improve their capability with this Program will be supported by our customer service and the materials provided.

Three-month sustainability program

As a practitioner, you may want a post-class sustainability program to help you refine and adjust the strategies you prepared during the course, so you can put them in practice with your team.


Get project-specific support from us, assess your improvements and get useful advice and insights via email or customer support service.

Prosci® support materials

You are provided free access to the Prosci® portal where you can find free tutorials and webinars, and a one-year license for specific tools.
The portal is updated continuously, so you always get new insights from research and real-life practice. A six-month subscription to the Prosci® Change Management Maturity Model Audit and a six-month subscription to the Prosci® PCT Analyzer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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