In fact, according to Prosci’s decades of research, a lack of awareness of the need to change is the number one cause for resistance to change in employees.

This is only a small excerpt from this video where we explore what Awareness in the ADKAR Model is, how you build it in others, and who should build it.

Awareness is the first step in the ADKAR Model, and simply put, it is the element that answers the question “Why do I need to change?”. This is why it is the initial and fundamental step of the ADKAR Model. You cannot expect someone to change if they don’t know why they should change.

Watch this video to hear some valuable insights from one of our most experienced Change Managers, Tom Marsicano, on three important messages that an individual needs to know to be aware of the need to change.

They must keep in mind here what Prosci has learned from their research. It is not enough to communicate these messages to them, but it is also critically important that they come from the right senders. In a nutshell, business reasons for the change come from the Senior Leader, and personal reasons come from the Direct Line Manager.

This video is part two of a six-part series on the ADKAR Model. So, if you haven’t seen Part 1: “The ADKAR Model explained,” then go check that out on our and Change Youtube Channel.