This is only a small excerpt from this video where we take an in-depth look at Knowledge in the ADKAR model and discuss what Knowledge is, how you build and measure it in others, and the common pitfalls.

Knowledge is the Third step in the ADKAR Model and, simply put, is the measurement of someone’s technical skills of the change or future state. In this element, the individual becomes familiar with what needs to be done differently for them to adopt the change and drive the desired results successfully.

In this video, we discuss the two levels at which Knowledge is built and, more importantly, how it is built on both of these levels. Knowledge is also where the importance of building ADKAR linearly becomes clear. If you try to build Knowledge before Awareness and Desire, you will likely have to re-train later. Build it too late, and the individual will not have the skills to adopt the change in time.

We also share one of the most common pitfalls when building Knowledge in the individual. This video is part four of a six-part series on the ADKAR Model. So, if you haven’t seen Part 1: “The ADKAR Model explained”, then go check that out on our and Change Youtube Channel.