According to the ADKAR Model, Ability is the answer… In this video, we explore what Ability is in the ADKAR model, how you build and measure it in others, and how to best leverage it in the organization. Ability is the step that really brings our change into fruition, because now comes the time to apply what has been learned in the previous three steps and show the change in action.

Building Ability for a change in an organization, relies on the direct leaders of the people impacted by the change. As Change Managers, nobody wants to hear from us, the Prosci Research is clear on that… our role is to enable the direct supervisors to be the Clarc Kents of the organization. Why do we call them Clarc Kents? because of what they must do, they are the Super Heroes of Change. The need to, Communicate, Liaise, Advocate, Resistance Manage, and Coach.