In this small excerpt from the video, we have put together 10 Tactics for Managing Resistance. These tactics talk about how to “focus on the what and let go of the how” and “demonstrate the benefits of change in a real and tangible way.” We discuss each of the 10 tactics in detail, exploring why they are effective and how to implement them correctly.

To highlight a small excerpt from tactic five, create hope; having hope shining at the end of the tunnel can be the strongest motivator for pushing through. There is hope that this change will indeed improve the overall outcome in the future for the benefit of the company and the individual.

We also discuss some commonly used tactics that could potentially be harmful when not used correctly. These are, demonstrate consequences and provide Incentives. They are dangerous because demonstrating consequences can often be construed as negative and providing incentives could create expectations that might need to be met in the future. If someone’s motivation for doing something is connected to an incentive, what will happen if you remove that incentive?

The 10 Tactics discussed in this video are based on years of research and experience, and we made this video keeping in mind who would need to apply them, People Managers. It is, however, the change manager’s role to empower them to manage change better. These 10 tactics for managing resistance are a great place to start.