Here we have put together 5 change management mistakes you’re probably making. These include common errors such as not clearly defining success and putting everyone under one umbrella. In mistake three—not engaging your sponsor from day one—we see how change management requires three core resources: time, money, and people. If you have less of one, then the other resources must be relied upon to fill that gap. In the video, we discuss each of these mistakes in detail, exploring how you can identify them and how to avoid them.

We have some valuable tools and research you can utilize to help you avoid these mistakes from creeping into your projects. We look at the Prosci Change Triangle and how you can use this tool to gain insight into your project health. The PCT model provides you with specific insight into what contributes to the project’s health, not just from the change management perspective but also in terms of project management and leadership.

Nicholas discusses the research on the massive effect that sponsor engagement has on project success. To all our change managers out there, remember to leverage the research to amplify what you’re communicating. If you, as the change manager, can’t gain access to the sponsor, then you won’t be able to ask them for their most crucial resource—time.

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