the first time. In this video, we discuss what Agile really is, the value of Change Management integrated into an Agile process, and how to apply it. We also show an example of what ADKAR would look like in an Agile workflow.

Here we present a small excerpt from the video where we explore not only what Change Management looks like in an Agile environment but also why it remains crucial.

Both Agile and Change Management are initiative-led approaches and integral to each other. This is highlighted when we unpack those core values that are outlined in this video.

One of these core values is ‘individuals and interactions over processes and tools.’ We point out that this value of Agile resonates with the core values of Change Management, which is managing the people side of change. Think of the second tenet of Change Management: “organizational change requires individual change.” We see here that Change Management already prioritizes individuals over processes and tools, just like Agile.

One of the fundamental tools in any Change Manager’s plans is ADKAR, and here we take a look at where it fits into an Agile Workflow. We use the Scrum workflow as an example to demonstrate where the five steps of ADKAR are executed in an iterative manner.

As with any other project management approach, managing the people side of change is still a massive part of the Agile Process, perhaps even more so since Agile emphasises people over processes and tools.

If you’re interested in learning more about integrating Change Management and Agile, check out our one-day workshop for more information.