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Etkileşimli web seminerlerimizi masanızdan takip ederek diğer uygulayıcılardan organizasyonlarında Değişim Yönetimi zorluklarıyla nasıl başa çıktıklarını öğrenin.

  • How to Standup CMO

    Building the best CMO for your organisation requires consideration for how it can fit holistically within your structure to accomplish your enterprise change management goals. In this webinar delivered by the Prosci team will help you find the answer to building your optimal CMO.

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  • Bringing Structure and Intent to ECM

    Building Enterprise Change Management (ECM) requires a structured approach driven with intent. Find out how in this webinar recording with Tom. Level: Intermediate to Advanced Who should attend: Enterprise change management leaders, change practitioners eager for a unified organisational change management approach, process improvement experts, business leaders responsible for centers of change, and anyone interested in […]

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  • The ROI of Change Management

    Get to grips with the ROI of Change Management. We discuss the many ways this can be calculated and how valuable it can be in building a targeted Change Management approach.

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  • The 5 Tenets of Change Management

    We apply change management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change. Prosci’s Five Tenets of Change Management form the basis for the discipline and help focus and contextualise the myriad activities that managing change demand. In this webinar we engage with this topic and use the tenets to help build a clear case for managing change actively.

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  • Community Forum: Covid-19; the Change Managers field report

    Our first Community forum, digitised here, offers insights into how Change Managers have been handling the changes brought on by the global pandemic. We collected all the information and present it here for other practitioners to be inspired and help us all make the changes and face the future.

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  • Building a Business Case for Change Management

    Research indicates Change Management is an important discipline in making projects successful however we must still justify it’s costs and implementation with a business case. The way this is constructed and the critical question of the language we use is discussed in this webinar with Tom Marsicano.

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  • Introduction to ADKAR Webinar

    In this foundational concepts webinar we explore the basis for ADKAR as a model of individual change.

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  • The value of managing change through tough times

    The briefing covers topics from the articulation of the value of change management, creating a change management organisational capability through the concept of change maturity and, an individual leader’s role in making changes successful. 

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