Our Virtual Instructor-Led Training is an online, real time interactive learning experience. Delegates and Instructor interact with each other, view and share: videos, presentations, handouts, tools, experiences and engage in workgroup activities.

VILT means Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Prosci®’s virtual programs that ensure real time participation and engagement. All Prosci®’s programs are available as virtual programs and can be delivered both as public and in-house sessions.

VILT programs are more than just an online course, it’s a real time class with simultaneous interaction, workgroup activities and presentations.

During VILT sessions you can:

  • Interact with your instructor and other participants
  • View and share presentations, videos, tools etc.
  • Engage in workgroup activities

All you need is:

  • A good Internet connection
  • A functioning laptop
  • Your attention

Personalized experience, interactivity, and collaborative learning are still the cornerstones of our courses while Prosci® provides us with a well-researched, recognized, and robust methodology.

Courses are currently being activated

Here are all the courses that are being activated, check again soon for updates: