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Prosci® Fundamentals of Change Management

Understand the main concepts and organizational benefits of Change Management through a one-day experiential learning program.

Why this program?

Change is as complex as it is inevitable. The Fundamentals program is designed to spread awareness and desire for some additional knowledge of Change Management and the Prosci® ADKAR® Model.

You will first establish a shared definition of Change Management and how it impacts organizational outcomes, then understand the research and best practices, as well as all the factors that drive Change Management ROI. You will also learn about the interconnection between Change Leadership, Change Management and Project Management outcomes, and develop a full awareness of these three key elements of organizational change.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone leaders who requires a basic understanding of what Change Management is and what it entails
  • Key stakeholder experiencing significant organizational changes
  • Senior leaders aiming to explore how Change Management can make the organization more productive
  • People working for a Change Manager or in a Change Management Office (CMO)

This Program will enable you develop strategies and tactics to identify and address resistance to change, using the Prosci® ADKAR® Model application, which provides a new way of thinking, new frameworks and tools to stimulate the smooth implementation of your desired change.

What's in it for you?


Research and practices that form the fundamental pillars of Change Management.


How to drive the Change Management ROI and to manage the three key elements of organizational change (Change Leadership, Change Management and Project Management).


The ADKAR® Model, the goal-oriented model developed by Prosci® founder Jeff Hiatt. ADKAR® represents the five desired outcomes of individual change: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement - without which change is impossible.

Is this the Program you need?

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Program materials

  • Best Practices in Change Management Report
  • ADKAR®: a Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community
  • Course slides and handouts

Program agenda

What is Change Management?

  • Creating a shared definition
  • Understanding different types of change

Why is Change Management important?

  • Impact on organizational outcomes
  • Mitigating negative consequences
  • ROI factors

The impacts of Change Management

  • Individual Change Management
  • The Prosci® ADKAR® Model
  • ADKAR® assessment
  • Connection between individual and organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

  • Preparing for change
  • Managing change and resistance
  • Reinforcing change

Project Change Management

  • PCT™ assessment

Commitment to action

  • Action items
  • Next steps

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After the program

For a deeper understanding of Change Management, you can attend one of our Programs, according to your role and organizational change maturity, or you can require one of our advisory services.


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